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The New Paint in Town

DIYers get your projects ready because the Alley is home to an exclusive new "no prep" paint line, Maison Blanche at SWS - Shopping with Siobhain. This premiere chalk based paint is easy to work with and finishes with a smooth velvety finish.

The Alley has been known for some time as a go to source for chalk type paints. It has also been the home of several wonderful classes teaching fans of the paint to perfect their projects. The addition of SWS's new line of paints will also allow for the boutique to offer classes and tutorials in the spring.

Chalk based paints have been making waves in the DIY community for some time. The high chalk content allows the paints to adhere to almost any surface with minimal prep time. It also does not contain chemical drying agents, allowing for a longer "open time", (easy to work paint while wet). No need to strip paint or varnishes before hand.

SWS's expert instructor Cyndi, has been working with Faux painting techniques for over 23 years. She can teach beginners as well as seasoned chalk painters on the basic techniques of paint applications, how to layer colors, how to use wax in between layers for a dual color technique with distressing, as well as how to get a smooth or textured finish.

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